Dua Lipa fans have been debating over the pop star’s interesting method of “grilling” shrimp in a new social media video.

The ‘Dance The Night’ singer recently took a trip to Ibiza with family and friends to celebrate her 28th birthday, where her sister Rina posted a now-viral video capturing some of their culinary festivities.

In a video posted to Rina’s Instagram, Dua appeared to be grilling shrimp on a grill, though fans quickly wondered if the singer was perhaps just staging the moment for Instagram.


In the video, Lipa can be seen standing at a barbecue grill and turning over piles of grilled shrimp with a pair of cooking tongs.

“I don’t think the grill is on,” one Twitter/X user said. “Where the heat and the grill marks…” another asked. “Not one flame of smoke coming out of that grill,” a third shared.

Others, however, went along with meme and joked about the unlikely virality of the video.

“My dad staring at my graphic tee at thanksgiving this year: so what does ‘dua lipa cooking shrimp in new video’ mean,” one social user joked. Another simply wrote: “Dua Lipa cooking shrimp in a new video.”

One person deadpanned: “You’re telling me dua lipa grilled this shrimp.”


However, eagle-eyed viewers have noted that the pinkish tinge to the shrimp is an indication that they are probably being cooked on a live grill.

Meanwhile, in music-related news from the pop star, Lipa recently shared an update on the release of her third album, which reportedly features Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker.

The singer’s highly anticipated follow-up to 2020’s ‘Future Nostalgia’ has been teased for a few years, and in a recent interview with New York Times Magazine it was revealed that it’ll be released in 2024.

Last year, Lipa said of her next LP: “The album is different – it’s still pop but it’s different sonically, and there’s more of a lyrical theme. If I told you the title, everything would make sense – but I think we’ll just have to wait.”

Mark Ronson revealed that he has heard some of the new record, sharing that it’s “incredible”.