Dove Cameron has no qualms about saying the things we’re afraid to say. As we are weeks away from her full-length debut album, Alchemical: Vol. 1, Cameron has shared “Sand,” a new ballad on which she mourns the loss of a lover, whom she can no longer look at with high regard.

“I saw the end when we began / You couldn’t love the way I can / I tried to bargain with the stars For more than half your heart but / You have more pieces of me than the desert has sand / And I have less pieces of you than I can hold in my hand,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

Inspired by true life events, “Sand” was a therapeutic song for Cameron to write alongside songwriting collective The Monsters & Strangerz. Since crafting the song, Cameron says she’s learned to trust her instincts when it comes to love.

“‘Sand’ is about a person who I loved very much, and who I thought I was going to spend my life with,” said Cameron in a statement. “It’s about the experience of having that seemingly perfect relationship end so suddenly and without warning, the feeling of shock and overnight disintegration of the future you built together, realizing no matter how much I gave of myself, I still had so little of him in the end, and the feeling of being unable to get back even the smallest pieces of myself that I had given away. I hope when you hear this song, it helps you learn to trust your instincts when you fall for someone, and hold out for the one where the more you give, the more they give. Don’t be afraid to lose the ones who can’t possibly see you, not because you aren’t incredible, but because they never could in the first place.”

You can listen to “Sand” above.

Alchemical: Vol. 1 is out 12/01 via Disruptor Records/Columbia Records. Find more information here.


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