Dominic Fike is only asking for 14 minutes of your time. On Tuesday, April 23, Fike held a surprise gathering at a warehouse in West Hollywood to share 14 Minutes, a 14-minute video soundtracked by brand-new songs, complete with an 18-wheeler with “What were you really thinking about just now?” projected onto it.

“This is a collection of, like, eight of those songs that I really can’t listening to, and I can’t live without,” Fike said at the release party, as captured in a video by DJ Michael Weber and shared by a Fike fan account on X (formerly Twitter). “And I just get tired of holding it back. I think that sh*t is wack. I think all the sh*t that people tell us — [what] they teach us as musicians, like, wait three-to-five years in between albums and make sure when you come out with that next one, it’s gotta be f*cking nuts. I get tired of that. And so, here’s this. It’s just me running, and it’s just me making music, and that’s it.”

The Jack Begert-directed video is the definition of a mood. Fike’s actual location isn’t diclosed, but it’s easy to imagine Fike is walking (and eventually jogging) on the side of a highway in Forks, Washington — cloudy and damp — and viewers are listening to the same songs soundtracking his walk (and eventual jog).

Fike has not made the individual songs available on streaming services, but the 14 Minutes video is on his official website and YouTube channel. His official website also has a 14 Minutes 10″ vinyl listed for pre-order at $24.98.

Last July, Fike released Sunburn, his sophomore full-length album, and staged the subsequent Don’t Stare At The Sun Tour.

Watch 14 Minutes above.

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