Last night (August 29), Doja Cat shared the cover art for her upcoming album Scarlet; While it’s fair to doubt whether this is the actual cover art given how many times Doja has changed her mind about the project, the same image appears on her official website, so it seems to be legit. Some have noticed, though, that the art is pretty much exactly the same as the cover of another album, an album that’s even coming out on the same day as Scarlet.

Pop Crave points out that spider paintings appear on the cover of both Scarlet and metal band Chaver’s upcoming album, Of Gloom, which, like Scarlet, is set for release on September 22. (Here’s Chaver’s announcement post from July 29, and here’s Doja’s from yesterday.)

There are some subtle differences between the two spiders, like the shape and position of some legs and appendages, and the shape of the fluid drop above the spider’s head. One painting isn’t just an edited version of the other, as they appear to be two distinct, albeit strikingly similar, artworks. There are more similarities than differences, though, including the fact that both covers were created by the same artist, Dusty Ray, who Chaver credited in their announcement post and who Doja credited in an Instagram Story post.

So far, neither Doja, Chaver, nor Ray have shared a public comment about the similarity between the album covers.

Scarlet is out 9/22 via Kemosabe Records/RCA Records. Find more information here.

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