The Met Gala annually brings out the best looks and creativity the fashion world has to offer, and given that Doja Cat is Doja Cat, she leaned into the creativity element of the whole thing at yesterday’s event. This year’s theme was “The Garden Of Time,” and Doja showed up in a white t-shirt dress that appeared to be soaking wet, and as a result was largely see-through (making the videos below at least slightly NSFW).

While the connection between Doja’s outfit and the Met Gala theme may not be immediately evident, she explained in an Entertainment Tonight interview. She said, “I know that people are going to do flowers, but my flower of choice is the most-used flower, and it’s cotton. And so I wanted to do a white t-shirt, also because a white t-shirt is timeless and it felt very poetic to choose this, and I knew it wasn’t going to blend in too much and I don’t really like to blend in.”

As for how she achieved the wet look, Doja initially said it was water before conceding (“I’m not supposed to give the secret,” she said) that she used hair gel to maintain the saturated appearance.

Check out the interview and another video of her outfit below.

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