Doja Cat has long been one of the most vibrant personalities in music, so it’s about time she sat down for a Tonight Show chat with Jimmy Fallon, which she finally did on yesterday’s (May 1).

She was all over the show, too. She started with the interview, and the chat began with Doja talking about her origins in music, and even before that, her origins as part of a dance crew. They also discussed the upcoming European leg of Doja’s Scarlet tour, with Doja revealing it’s going to be based on hair and just “a very hairy show” overall.

From there, she discussed her first concert: an Earth, Wind & Fire show at about five years old, during which she was apparently even pulled on stage. Her next concert, a Beyoncé show, was less immersive, as they were up in the nosebleeds for that show. They two also looked back at Doja’s recent Coachella performance and even got Fallon in one of the hair-covered outfits from the show.

Later, Doja participated in a game of “Musical Impressions,” during which Doja was tasked with covering specific songs in specific musical styles. A highlight was transforming her own “Paint The Town Red” into a Broadway-style number.

She also gave a more traditional performance of “Acknowledge Me,” so check that out below and the other clips above.

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