Pearl Jam‘s Dark Matter release day is here, and fans have been waiting with anticipation to check out the band’s twelfth studio album. Now that the record has arrived, what is the general consensus amongst Pearl Jam fans on social media?

What Pearl Jam Fans Are Saying About Dark Matter

As the moment arose, there were plenty just ready to dig into the new music. “Huge, huge day for music fans of all generations, even after all these years and all these records and all these generation-defining hits it’s hard to overstate how big a deal it is when there’s a new album out by Pearl Jam,” remarked one fan. Another shared that they were wearing a special Mike McCready shirt to work for the day to mark the occasion.

The general consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive. “30+ years later, Pearl Jam managed to do the unthinkable. A JUST PUSH PLAY and let ‘er rip album. No notes. This is f cking incredible,” proclaimed one fan. Another added, “This New Album #DarkMatter is by far the BEST IN DECADES released by @PearlJam …#HANDSUP #HANDSDOWN. period.”

There were plenty of memes generated as well, using The Bear‘s Jeremy Allen White, Joaquin Phoenix from Gladiator and Jon Hamm from the closing scenes of Mad Men to describe the joy of listening to the new album.

Other fans started digging deeper into the actual album, complimenting the playing and picking out some of their favorite tracks. “Upper Hand” seemed to be generating the most comments after the initial listens to the record.

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Not all the comments were glowing, as one fan called out the sound of the drums on the new album, while another noted that they are “boomers doing boomer things.”

What About the Taylor Jam Battle?

Yes, the “Barbenheimer” comparisons have been drawn. Pearl Jam’s Dark Matter arriving on the same day that Taylor Swift surprised released her Tortured Poets Department album was also serving up plenty of conversation on social media, as fans of both made note of the pending chart battle. Some embraced having new albums for both while others were ready to pick sides.

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Pearl Jam’s Dark Matter is out now. You can purchase or stream the record through the band’s website. The band will hit the road starting May 4 to tour in support of the new record.

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