Talented artist Allan Franzner reminds crowds of authentic early 90s rock while delivering a gruelling message we all needed to hear. The title gives away some of the contents of the lyrics with the name Who Pays The Price?, however, every listener will still get blown away by the sheer aggressiveness of Allan Frazner and the wild hardcore sequences that are brilliantly delivered in the album. 

Who Pays The Price? Is composed of 11 tracks as each song is a piece of the liberal puzzle Allan Franzner has made. The young rockstar is adminant about cleaning the earth from its toxic pollution, greedy businessmen and politicians, and most importantly, stopping wars and giving opportunity for people across the world. Allan Franzner delivers these messages by staying true to the original rock ethos and going against the norms of conventional music writing. The experimental artist dazzles his listeners with gruelling mixing, unusual vocals and authentic guitar solos that takes them back to our beloved old-school rock days. 

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