Did Slaughter to Prevail set the world record for the biggest “wall of death” ever?

That was the goal earlier this week leading up to the deathcore band’s Thursday appearance at France’s Hellfest. The Russian group promoted their lofty goal earlier in the week, rallying fans “to be a part of history.”

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At their set in the afternoon at the first day of Hellfest, Slaughter to Prevail made good on their promise and attempted to do what others have in previous years — command thousands of headbangers to run straight into each other upon instruction.

The result was nothing short of absolutely epic, as seen in the video clip below where fans become on tangled blur of bodies.

There is no official word on whether or not this set a world record (or who even officiates such a thing), but even if this just amounts to an amusing moment during the week, the anticipation was a lot of fun and this video is a great payoff for us all!

Vocalist Alex Terrible expressed his form of appreciation to the Hellfest crowd, exclaiming, “Next time WALL OF DEATH WILL BE BIGGER!!! France, you are not pussies. I like it.!!!”

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Meanwhile, Slaughter to Prevail have been enjoying a banner year. They’ve released two new singles — “Conflict” and “Kid of Darkness” — and will embark on a North American tour later this summer in support of Five Finger Death Punch and Marilyn Manson.

Other Epic Walls of Death

Slaughter to Prevail are far from the first band to use the festival setting as a prime opportunity to orchestrate the most memorable wall of death.

Watch the video compilation below for more friendly, violent fun as Exodus call it.

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