Death Grips have ended their four-year-long tour hiatus with a substantial North American run. Fans of the musicians were thrilled to finally get the chance to see the act perform songs such as “System Blower,” “No Love,” and “Giving Bad People Good Ideas.” Despite the technical issues they faced with the Ticketmaster system, things fell together once Death Grips hit the road in May. But not all has been rosy.

According to Complex, there has been more than one unpleasant incident, the latest of which went down during the group’s show on Friday, October 13, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at JJ’s Live. Death Grips walked off the stage mid-show after concertgoers began tossing items at the entertainers.

As one person on social media described it: “So apparently, at the Death Grips show in AR tonight, they just left mid-set because kids kept throwing sh*t at them. What is with people acting like this? Bands are not robots, and getting pelted with sh*t hurts. If you were moshing like you’re supposed to, this wouldn’t happen.”

In the video captured by one attendee, frontman Stefan Burnett can be seen throwing down the microphone and immediately exiting the stage.

At this time, it doesn’t appear that Death Grips nor the hosting venue has shared a statement regarding the incident.