For many years, Caribou mastermind Dan Snaith has been making straight-up dance music under his alter-ego Daphni. In the past few years, Snaith has been putting his energy into the Caribou side of things; they released the album Suddenly in 2020 and the stand-alone single “You Can Do It” last year. But now Snaith has just dropped the first new Daphni music since the 2019 EP Sizzling.

The new Daphni single is called “Cherry,” and it has some of the most impressively, eye-gougingly ugly cover art I have seen in a long time. The track itself is a bubbling techno jam full of off-kilter keyboard bleeps, and it goes pretty hard. On the song, Snaith says, “Nothing says love like an endlessly spiralling polyrhythm on an FM synth. Making this track was just a matter of getting the snake to eat its own tail.” Check it out below.

“Cherry” is out now on Jiaolong.