Ahead of the premiere of her upcoming movie, Madame Web, Dakota Johnson appeared on last night’s (January 27) Saturday Night Live as the episode’s host. This marked Johnson’s second time hosting SNL, her first time taking place “right after the SNL 40th [anniversary special],” as she noted in her opening monologue.

She then recalled the anniversary special, and how she was seated among an interesting group of people. She displayed a photo from the event onto a screen — said photo including Sarah Palin, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg. And shockingly, one infamous former U.S. president.

“Look who’s sitting right behind me,” said Johnson, before the screen zoomed in on Donald Trump. Johnson continued, noting that she never would’ve imagined how certain things would’ve panned out.

“It’s just crazy to be standing so close to someone who would become the most powerful person in America,” she said.

Though, Johnson wasn’t actually referring to Trump. After sharing this note, the screen then closed up on Taylor Swift.

Elsewhere during the monologue, Timberlake made a brief appearance, during which, he made a NSFW joke about one of his biggest hits. Former SNL Jimmy Fallon later arrived to the stage, dressed as Barry Gibb, hinting at what was to come later in the night.

You can watch the opening monologue above.

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