LA-based duo Ceci Gomez and Veronika Jane Wyman make hip-hop-leaning experimental dance music under the name DAGR. Earlier this year they released their sophomore album Fade On Black, which featured collabs with the likes of Lunice, Portugal. The Man, and living meme Rebecca Black. Today they’re back with “Texas,” a new song created in conjunction with fellow Los Angeles act Cherry Glazerr, the oft-morphing indie rock band led by Clementine Creevy. It has kind of a late-’90s movie-soundtrack trip-hop vibe, and it’s seeing release through the Hardly Art Singles Series.

A statement from DAGR:

We wrote “Texas” in the 100-degree heat of Palm Springs on a psychedelic golf course. We’re both from Texas and initially wrote it as a love letter to the absurdity of our home state. Cherry Glazerr transformed our ode to alt-metal into a beautiful love song. “Texas” has quickly become one of our favorite records, and getting to experiment in a new genre with Clem felt truly special.

And here’s a word from Creevy:

I went over to Ceci and V’s studio and laid down vox for “Texas,” and it was sick. I love the music that they’re making together right now. It’s so fun and unique. It’s what the world needs right now. I like rememberer venting to them about boys in between takes, and they were super fucking cool about it. I love how this track just makes me feel free and sexy. Like a crazy little butterfly with a rattlesnake alter ego.

Listen below.