Hi Biggie, welcome to Groovy Tracks, how are you?

I am truly blessed!   My business is booming, my family is growing, I’m in the best shape of my life after losing almost 100 pounds, and  my music is spreading worldwide! 

How did it feel to work with Thom Genius on the production of your new release “All In”? Please tell us more about your collaboration with him?

Thom Genius is not only an incredible producer, he is one of my closest friends. He knows me, my story, and my style of music so when we work together it all just comes so naturally. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it was tough to think about making new music because nobody knew what was in store for the world.  Months into the pandemic I even thought about quitting the music business altogether but when I finally got a chance to meet up with Thom Genius again, we smoked a few blunts and he convinced me that I had to give it another shot and really go “All In” one last time.  We listened to some beats that night, picked one out, and started writing the record on the spot.  

What’s the most memorable project, show or event you took part in?

I was booked to perform in Abu Dhabi and Dubai during Formula 1 weekend a few years ago which brought me to the Middle East for the first time.  My parents were born in Iraq so it was awesome for me to experience the culture firsthand and be on the soil where my people came from.  Not to mention the energy I felt coming from the crowds especially after they knew I was one of their own. 

How would you describe your sound and how did it change over the years? 

My sound has evolved over the years as I have evolved.  When I first started recording music it was trap music and I was talking about my experiences as a small business owner and entrepreneur.  Later the music shifted to a more sophisticated style of hip hop with a little mix of EDM to show the California lifestyle I was living.  Today I would describe my music as more rhythmic and new wave rap/pop which showcases my growth as a man and my successes in life.

When did you start making music and why?

I started in the music business as a behind the scenes guy.  I was managing an artist who went viral and had some success.  When the artist ended up getting a full scholarship to law school, he quit music and forced me to look for a new artist because I loved the industry and wanted to stay a part of it.  I made a checklist of what I was looking for in an artist and realized that I personally had all the qualities that I was looking for except I never really thought of myself as a recording artist.  I decided to write and record some music with a talented producer and once I heard myself professionally recorded, I knew I could pull it off and thrive.  Being 6’2”, 300 plus pounds, and always the life of the party, I knew that I could make a lasting impact on anyone who saw me and heard my music 

Aside from music, what are some of your hobbies? 

I love being an entrepreneur and brand builder so I do a lot of that apart from my music.  I am also a family man with a 2 year old daughter and another daughter due in June 2021 that i am very involved with.  I also like to play golf whenever I get a chance and am a big San Diego Padres fan.

We’ve heard you’re about to drop a new album, tell us more about it, and are there going to be some collabs in the tracklist?

I just finished my latest project, “Coronado California,” which is set to release in June of 2021.  It features nine tracks with production from multi platinum producers Thom Genius, Mev The Renegade, and Dabato.  I don’t have any major features on the project right now but I have heard from some major artists lately about remixing my first single, “All In.”  Upon the release of “Coronado California”  I plan to ride the wave that I have created in the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean all the way to the East Coast where it’s gonna collide with the Atlantic Ocean inevitably creating a tsunami that I can surf across the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia and into the Indian and Arctic Ocean’s before crossing a few more continents and coming back to the Pacific again.