Columbus power-pop crew Connections are releasing a new album this week called Cool Change via Trouble In Mind. Cool Change follows 2018’s Foreign Affairs and features the already released singles “I Confess” and “In Space.” Today, Connections have shared a bouncing shout-along anthem titled “Bird Has Flown,” which you can check out below, as well as their previously released singles.

About the album, the band has written: “These songs want basements, and grandstands, and the occasional festival – of course, when ALL OF THIS is good. There are plans to take this – now sonically bolstered – show on the road.

“Those songs were written as an exercise as a breakup album though there was no relationship currently active to break up. A fantasy of a life not currently being lived or necessarily wanted. Good or bad.

“Post-ALL OF THIS malaise. Connections are in constant motion (there’s more where this came from), but the moment calls for Cool Change. Listen to the moment.”

Listen below.

Cool Change is out 3/24 via Trouble In Mind. Pre-order it here.