Gen-Z pop king Conan Gray is heading to the dancefloor. And this time, our Uproxx cover star is bringing the brokenhearted lovers with him. Tonight (February 9), Gray has dropped “Lonely Dancers,” the latest single from his upcoming third album, Found Heaven.

On “Lonely Dancers,” Gray finds himself mourning a past love. But he’s not the only one. Seeing others not knowing what to do, Gray forms new friends, finding solace on the dancefloor among fellow heartbroken companions.

“We’rе lonely dancers / Join me for thе night / We’re lonely dancers, baby / Dance with me so we don’t cry / We’re lonely dancers / There’s no need to hide / I know the answer, baby / Dance with me so we don’t cry,” sings Gray on the song’s chorus

In the song’s accompanying video, Gray is seen in a club, moving through flashing, colorful lights, before he dances the night away with a newfound group of titular lonely dancers.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gray opened up about Found Heaven and the inspiration behind the record.

“I fell in love for the very first time. Then got dumped,” Gray said. “It changes you.”

You can see the “Lonely Dancers” video above.

Found Heaven is out 4/5 via Republic. Find more information here.

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