The former San Francisco home of a punk rock stalwart has landed on the market with an asking price just shy of $10 million.

The five-bedroom home formerly owned by Fat Mike Burkett of NOFX is up for sale for $9.2 million. While Burkett isn’t the property’s most recent owner, his design choices have remained through the years.

SFGate noted “explosions of blue” throughout the home along with other colorful flooring and paint choices.

One of the photos with the listing shows a small glimpse of a bathroom decorated in posters from old punk shows. The same bathroom was featured in a scene from NOFX’s 2008 documentary, Backstage Passport, which aired on Fuse.

In the first episode, Burkett is shown in the home as he prepares to leave for an overseas tour. Part of his pre-tour ritual featured on the show was getting all of his pills packed for the trip, which he did in the punk-postered bathroom.

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Despite its subtle punk rock esthetic, the house is rather stunning. The home was built in 1924 and offers the perfect balance of classic and contemporary.

Oh, and there also is a large tree growing inside one of the rooms.

Here is a look at this former punk palace that is currently up for sale.

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The NOFX bassist and punk legend isn’t the home’s most recent owner, but his design touches can still be seen around the property. There’s a bathroom covered in punk show posters. Another room has a tree growing inside of it. The home is currently listed for $9.2 million.

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