Back in November, the great post-punk group Ought announced they were no more. But, former Ought members Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy also announced they’d formed a new band called Cola alongside US Girls/Weather Station drummer Evan Cartwright. In February, Cola returned with news of their debut album Deep In View and shared lead single “So Excited.” Today, they’re back with another one.

Cola’s latest is called “Water Table.” Here’s what Stidworthy had to say about it:

“Water Table” came from some experiments with bass chords. The guitar parts of the verse was an attempt to write something Tim would come up with and basically wrote itself. The guitar in the chorus was originally a harp sample played on a keyboard, which is why the working title was “Dark Harp.” It was the last song I wrote for the record at a moment when we were pretty sure what would end up on the record. I felt like the record needed the emotional note of a song like “Water Table” and the track flowed out of me. Tim sent it back to me with lyrics the next day so I knew it was gonna work.

Check it out below.

Deep In View is out 5/20 via Fire Talk.