Coach Party have released a new single, ‘Be That Girl’.

The track is the final single to be taken from the band’s new album ‘Killjoy’, which was released on Friday. The Isle Of Wight indie rockers had previously released the singles ‘Parasite’, ‘What’s The Point In Life’, ‘Born Leader’, ‘All I Wanna Do Is Hate’ and ‘Micro Aggression’.

Per a press release, the song “reconciles with the epiphany that you’ve become a different person; one starkly separate from the version you previously knew yourself to be, and the people you used to share the company of”.


The band’s drummer Guy Page said: ““We were touring a lot last year, so a big chunk of the writing for ‘Killjoy’ happened in hotel rooms, such as ‘Be That Girl’ of which the bulk was formed in a morning in Spain before heading out to play BBK Festival. It’s one of the more inward & self reflective songs on the record, and the one with the softest sonic edges. Retrospectively, it feels like a step closer to our early style as a band, which is nice.”

The music video is a diary of the band’s life onstage and backstage over the past year, as they’ve performed over 100 shows while opening for the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Wet Leg, and played major festivals like Glastonbury and The Great Escape.

Check out the video for ‘Be That Girl’ below:

In a four-star review of ‘Killjoy’, NME wrote: “Though ambitious, this wide emotional spectrum pays off. Often catchy and always from the heart, ‘Killjoy’ is a deeply human debut. Their polished sound benefits massively from the odd punk outburst, and other parts of the album feel destined for boisterous end-of-gig singalongs.

“With their first headlining European tour kicking off this autumn, ‘Killjoy’ sees the band putting their best foot forward – and though they may not be singing about it, Coach Party are certainly closing out this summer on top.”