Liam Gallagher has shared footage of his son’s band, after denying claims of nepotism and announcing the band as the support for his upcoming tour.

The update was shared on the former Oasis frontman’s X/Twitter page last night (April 14), and comes following the announcement that his son Gene’s band – called Villanelle – will be the support act for the ‘Definitely Maybe’ 30th anniversary tour.

He previously said that he thought that the band were “good” and added: “I’m gonna put them on first for [the ‘Definitely Maybe’] tour”. Villanelle will join Cast and The View as support acts on the upcoming dates.

Now, following what seems to be some mixed responses to the announcement, Gallagher has hit back at accusations of nepotism, and shared footage of the band performing live to explain why they were chosen.


Posted last night, the video appears to be screen-recorded footage of the band playing during a live show, which they originally shared on their Instagram Stories, and comes with the simple caption: ‘Cmon’.

Whilst they currently don’t have any official music out, Villanelle have recently been spotted supporting Brummie rockers Overpass on tour – presumably where the footage was captured. Most notably, they performed at King Tut’s in Glasgow on March 21, which is the same location where Oasis were signed to Creation in an infamous debacle.


As for their sound, Villanelle seem to harness a similar Britpop influence as seen in Oasis, although also take on inspiration from the ‘90s grunge scene. This was emphasised by Liam himself, who responded to someone saying that they were “getting Kurt Cobain vibes” from Gene’s on-stage outfit, saying “That’s his hero”.

According to another recent update, Liam’s other son, Lennon, was asked if his band Automotion wanted to join the upcoming 30th anniversary ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour, but “politely refused”.


Previously, Gene launched a three-piece band called Grimmo in 2018 and Liam described his music as “in your face, Arctic Monkeys style”, compared to his brother Lennon, whose music was more “spaced out, like early Verve, pretty chilled”.

He also performed with his dad in 2019 on Later… with Jools Holland, and was also seen recording some bongos on the track ‘One Of Us’ on the album ‘Why Me? Why Not‘.

Earlier this month, Liam again defended his decision to have Villanelle join him on tour, writing online: “I’ve given many opportunities to many young bands over the years it’s what you do if you can now it’s VILLANELLES turn if you don’t like it FUCKOFF”.

He also told a fan that the harsh words were him “putting a few mouthy c***s in [their] place”, and denied accusations of nepotism by saying: “Is it fuck he’s my son it’s what you do”.

Reverend & The Makers also backed Liam in the decision shortly afterwards too, adding how both “Liam and Noel gave us a chance when they didn’t have to”, and adding that “Anybody giving him shit for putting his lad on needs to do one. Anyone would do the same surely”

Liam will be embarking on his 30th anniversary ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour in June, which will kick off in Sheffield. He is due to perform the entirety of Oasis’ seminal album along with some “naughty” B-sides. Get any remaining tickets here.

As for his other son, Lennon, Automotion recently released their new track ‘Liquify’ produced by The Horrors‘ Faris Badwan and inspired by old-school jungle tracks. Automotion released their debut EP ‘In Motion’ back in 2021, and their second EP ‘Ecstatic Oscillations’ in 2022.

Most lately though, the band shared a new single called ‘Lost In The Spinal Labyrinth, and confirmed that it will appear on the group’s upcoming EP ‘Dissolve’– due for release on June 19.