At the end of July, Oklahoma City band Chat Pile are releasing their first full-length album, God’s Country, which comes after a few years of EPs and splits. They announced it last month with “Slaughterhouse,” and today they’re back with another new song, the glowering “Why” that asks a whole lot of hard questions but doesn’t provide any easy answers. “Horror story/ Real American horror story/ And it’s a fuckin tragedy,” goes the very end. “Every day/ Everyday, people have to live outside/ Why.”

Here’s the band’s vocalist Raygun Busch on the track:

In OKC, there are huge crosses and statues of Jesus and enormous churches everywhere and yet the teachings of Christ cannot be found implemented anywhere. This is true for much of America and probably the world. Why? I hate seeing suffering; don’t you? Why should I live in a house while someone else lives under a bridge? Why do people have to live outside? Wickedness, all around us. Real horror.

Listen below.

God’s Country is out 7/29 via The Flenser.