Chase Plato is a rapper out of Detroit with the aggressively shouty delivery (his abuse of all-caps matches his vocal presence) and a taste for blown-out yet minimal production. “RIP KOBE,” his one song on Audiomack, is sort of like if early Beastie Boys rapped over noisy EDM instead of hard rock. Meanwhile, his new “ICE CREAM MAN” flaunts its N.E.R.D. influence proudly, from the title to the soulful interludes to the way it matches electric guitar with a spacious, booming beat. Beyond the obvious Pharrell parallel, it resembles some lost Odd Future/Sleigh Bells collab from 2011. The “ICE CREAM MAN” video, directed by Victor Grisson and Plato, features a makeout session under hoodies, a Hello Kitty guitar, and lots of ice cream. Check out both songs below.