Life is precious. Time is a luxury money can’t buy. Both seem like cliches, but it’s best to make the most out of the moments you have and the people you get to share them with. This is a state of mind “Used To Know Me” singer Charli XCX has embraced after the tragic death of Sophie.

In January 2021, the Scottish producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist’s untimely passing rocked the industry. Musicians and friends like Vince Staples and Charli XCX penned open letters as they mourned Sophie. Three years later, the pain is only just becoming manageable for more. Yesterday (February 19), during an interview with The Face, Charli XCX painfully reflected on their friendship, revealing that it inspired an upcoming song.

“There was a lot of distance between us because I was in awe of [Sophie] and wanted to impress her,” she said. “She believed in me in ways that I didn’t believe in myself. But I felt like I would never be interesting enough to operate in her world outside of the studio, which was the safe space where we could connect and bond over music. I didn’t feel like I was magical enough for this unbelievably magic person. And that makes me ashamed now I don’t have the opportunity to experience that anymore, because she’s gone. I feel ashamed for being a coward. It’s hard to write about. I’m sad for myself that I didn’t experience all this person had to offer.”

Details about the forthcoming record haven’t been revealed just yet. However, Charli XCX’s long-awaited album is due out any day now.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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