Charli XCX is for the children. Ahead of her new album, Brat, which is set to arrive in time for our dancefloor-ready summer, Charli made an appearance on the New York City-set video series, Recess Therapy. During which, Charli was joined by the show’s host Julian Shapiro-Barnum, and a young boy named Leif.

Though Charli’s music makes for a great party, and her upcoming album is expected to be stacked with fast-paced club tracks, Leif actually said he doesn’t like parties. “Everybody’s so energized. I don’t like being energized.”

Shapiro-Barnum asked Leif “If you had to throw a party, or you had to go to a party, what would that party be like?”

To which, Leif responded “Do my own thing.”

Same, kid. Same.

Even Charli couldn’t help but tear up at Leif’s adorably relatable response.

“Charli, does this resonate with you?” asked Shapiro-Barnum.

“Yeah, it really does,” she responded. “Sometimes you just want to do your own thing.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Leif tells Charli and Shapiro-Barnum that his favorite genre of music is heavy metal. Charli plays Leif a heavy metal track, however he doesn’t appear to take to it well.

You can see the Recess Therapy clip above.

Brat is out 6/7 via Atlantic. Find more information here.

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