Chappell Roan is quickly becoming the queer icon us zillenial cuspers needed when we were younger. Tonight (April 4), Roan shared her new single, “Good Luck, Babe!,” a universal message for young LGBTQ+ people who have found themselves in situations where they can’t fully express the love they feel toward a special person.

“You can kiss a hundred boys in bars / Shoot another shot, try to stop the feeling / You can say it’s just the way you are / Make a new excuse, another stupid reason / Good luck babe / Well, good luck babe,” sings Roan on the song’s chorus.

Roan’s words resonate with all queer people who have lived through scenarios where the person they love can’t fully express the love they feel toward them, in fear of being ostracized or outcast. But thankfully, Roan is very confident and self-assured, wishing the other person well, before moving on with her happy and beautiful life.

“I needed to write a song about a common situationship within queer relationships — where someone is struggling with coming to terms with themselves,” said Roan in a statement. “It’s a song about wishing well to someone who is avoidant of their true feelings.”

You can listen to “Good Luck, Babe!” above.

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