In a 2018 pre-fame interview, singer Chappell Roan was asked if there any performers whose stage presence she admires. She named Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, telling ANCHR Magazine that “they are both so confident and really own the stage and connect with the crowd so well. I hope to be like them one day.” She’s getting there: Roan is one of the most exciting pop stars of the moment, and throughout her The Midwest Princess Tour, she’s been covering “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.

One of the live performances, from a show earlier this year in Cincinnati, caught the attention of Mother Monster after it went viral on TikTok. “I love Chappell,” Gaga wrote along with four black heart emojis (as Billboard reports).


save me chappell roan save meeeee #chappellroan #music #concerts cincinnati 3/10

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Gaga isn’t the first music icon to show her appreciation for Roan. Last month, Elton John raved about the “Red Wine Supernova” singer when she appeared on his Apple Music radio show, Rocket Hour. “Your journey has kind of accelerated, especially recently,” he said, adding, “I rang you the other night and said, ‘Listen, I’m not stalking you, but I’m as excited about your album’s success as you are.’ It’s wonderful to see true talent being recognized.”

You can watch Roan cover “Bad Romance” above.

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