An artist by calling and by choice, Chandler stepped into the music arena with an official debut single “Miss Me And You Hate It”, although the singer-songwriter had already been working on his art for years starting in 2016 with only a phone at his disposal. A melodic, chill, and smooth song, “Miss Me And You Hate It” represents the artist’s deepest, most sincere emotions, and witnessing it as a listener makes us a part of his experience. 

Undefined and impossible to be boxed into any borders, Chandler’s music captivates instantly, enveloping the listener in an aura of mysteriousness that only gets more and more intriguing with time. In 2023, Chandler will be kickstarting a new era of music, dropping fresh songs that come from the heart, and you don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned and follow the artist on Instagram!