Central Cee and Dave are two of the biggest stars in the UK rap world, and they’ve both become big festival draws across the world in the past few years. The two of them are good friends, but before today, they hadn’t been on a song together since 2016, when both of them appeared on AJ Tracey’s “Spirit Bomb” remix. Today, the two of them have come out with a fun, breezy new track called “Sprinter.”

“Sprinter” follows Dave’s 2022 single “Starlight,” a #1 hit in the UK, and a whole bunch of Central Cee records that went crazy online last year. But the two rappers don’t treat this track like some big event. Instead, they trade-off laid-back verses over a beat, from producers Jo Caleb and Jonny Leslie, that’s full of chopped-up acoustic guitars and wordless operatic vocals.

Dave and Central Cee both sound like they’re having fun on this one, and both of them get lines off. Cee: “I went from the Toyota Yaris to Urus/ They had their chance but blew it/ Now this gyal want me in her uterus/ Fuck it, I’m rich, let’s do it.” Dave: “Pistol came on a Irish ferry/ Let go and it sound like a tap dance/ The way that I ball, no yellow/ The ref have to give me a black card.” Dave and Central Cee shot the video in Monaco, and it’s very sunny. Watch it below.