CJ Camerieri — the horn player and bandmate to Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, and the National — plans to release his second album as CARM in October. CARM II features the already-released lead single “More And More,” which is also a collab with co-writer Edie Brickell, and “Essex Girl” featuring guitar and banjo from Kristian Matsson. Today, Camerieri is sharing two more album tracks: “The Ones You Love” featuring Carnatic musician Sid Sriram and “I Fall” featuring composer Gabriella Smith.

“Sid’s virtuosity as a vocalist, without being over the top in its presentation, is something I’ve always strived for,” Camerieri says of working on “The Ones You Love” with Sriram, who adds: “‘The Ones You Love’ feels like a powerful, anthemic offering, one that celebrates vulnerability and rising up with it as the flame.”

As for “I Fall,” Smith says: “It was such a cool sound world, unlike anything I had worked with before. I immediately started hearing this big, many-layered brass and vocal sound world on top of it. It was such a thrill to send CJ ideas, hear what he came up with, and weave them into the track.”

Hear both new tracks below.

CARM II is out 10/21 via 37d07d.