The 2024 Met Gala went down yesterday (May 6), and like always, some creative looks were on display. Doja Cat showed up in a soaking wet white t-shirt dress, and Camila Cabello came through with something similar in terms of wetness.

Cabello’s dress appeared relatively ordinary, although it certainly wasn’t in that it featured over 250,000 Swarovski crystals, weighed 15 pounds, and took over 450 hours to make, as E! notes.

What was actually more attention-grabbing, though, was her purse. It wasn’t a purse at all, really, but rather, just a solid block of ice. As Vogue notes, inside the ice was a single rose, and the whole piece was designed by Jane Wade. As Cabello walked the red carpet with her ice, it was dripping all over her hands and onto the venue floor.

In an interview with Variety, Cabello explained, “I feel like the theme was very impermanent, things changing, but also my album, Miami, we’re dripping. We’re wet, we’re icy, but we’re melting.”

She also told E!, “My hands are really cold. I can’t feel my hands.”

Yesterday was overall pretty major for Cabello. Aside from making noise at the Met Gala, she also announced the title and release date of her upcoming album: C, XOXO is set to drop on June 28.

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