On Tuesday, October 17, Suga from BTS uploaded a vulnerable new episode of his Suchwita drinking show. He had Kim Jong-wan, lead singer of the Korean rock band NELL, on as a special guest, and the two discussed just how similar their careers were, according to Billboard.

While working in different genres, both shared one thing: They struggled with seeing rumors about their lives in the press.

“Of course, when I was young, I also had a lot of anger and rage — anger against the world and against the system, but as I made my mixtapes, a lot of those negative emotions got reduced,” Suga shared.

“During D-DAY, compared to D-2, people said a lot of that rage was gone, but I don’t think that can be helped,” he added. “I don’t think I need to bring back the emotions I’ve already dealt with. Back then, I was distressed and wanted to quit, but those thoughts went away through music, so now I’m thankful for those times. It was thanks to those moments that I can do all this now.”

Suga previously brought Jong-wan to perform on his earlier D-2 album, as he contributed killer vocals to “Dear My Friend.”

Check out Suga’s full discussion with Kim Jong-wan on his show above.

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