To put it mildly, dating is rough. If you’re in these slime-covered streets, all the advice in the world can’t prepare you for what’s to come. But Grammy Award-winner Brittany Howard hopes her rocky romantic escapades can be a cautionary tale. The singer’s latest single, “Red Flags,” off her forthcoming album, What Now, chronicles where she went wrong.

“Don’t think / Listen what I’m feeling first / I came, I saw / Unconscious / The best time that I ever had / That’s when the worst times started / I followed you and didn’t look back / I didn’t know love could feel like that / I ran right through them red flags / I ran right through them,” sings Howard.

You can spot as many red flags as you’d like but for some, they’ll only intensify their attraction to the toxic partner. Howard is pulling from her internal rollercoaster for the upcoming project. “February 2, 2024… I can finally say it. My next album is on its way. So excited for you to hear my sonic diary from the last few years,” wrote Howard on her official Instagram page.

If “Red Flag” is the appetizer, you can only guess what’s to come from the full musical serving.

Listen to Brittany Howard’s new single “Red Flags” above.

What Now is out 2/2/2024 via Island Records/EMI. Find more information here.