Just in time for the holiday season, Bright Eyes dropped a new cover of the late John Prine’s 1973 song, “Christmas In Prison.” Not only that, but the band also incorporated a sample of Prine’s “A John Prine Christmas,” which gives it a sweet touch — almost like he’s still around to sing along.

“It is strange to get a chance to share a track with a hero of mine who has passed on,” lead singer Conor Oberst shared in a statement. “Normally not something I would do. I don’t like holograms. But I have so much love and affection for John as a person and his music.”

“He really changed my life on a lot of levels,” he added. “When I heard the sample of him talking about Christmas just put such a big smile on my face and I couldn’t help but want to share it with other people. A little Christmas gift to a stranger. It’s all about John and his beautiful song. But I am happy to sing in the choir.”

Proceeds from the track will go to Prine’s The Hello In There Foundation, a charity that was started by his family in his honor, which offers “support for people who are marginalized, discriminated against or, for any reason, are otherwise forgotten.”

Check out Bright Eyes’ cover of “Christmas In Prison” above.