The hype for the Barbie movie has had everyone on the edge of their seats for months, and it’s finally out today, along with the soundtrack. A bunch of long-awaited songs are available to listen to now, like Lizzo’s “Pink,” Sam Smith’s “Man I Am,” and Brandi Carlile’s Indigo Girls cover.

Carlile took on the 1989 hit “Closer To Fine” with her wife Catherine. It was first previewed in the main trailer for the movie, the country-pop anthem blasting while Barbie drives from her world to the real world. She sings along enthusiastically at the wheel.

In 2021, Carlile penned a piece for Rolling Stone about her admiration of Indigo Girls. “The Indigo Girls were so deeply influential in my life — not just musically, but also as an activist and as an out queer person. The representation and the visibility that they managed to scrape together at that time, despite all odds and all the obstacles against them, were really important for me in my life. I needed them,” she wrote.

She continued, “We’re very close with each other — we have a family relationship now. They know all about my origins as a little baby lesbian who was obsessed with the Indigo Girls. Those women are so different, and they’re so spectacular, but they have this unspoken agreement that their souls have made to cast their lots together. But to maintain their [own selves] is something that everyone in a band could learn from, and everyone in general could learn from. How do you truly connect to another person on a soul level, but maintain yourself?”

Listen to the “Closer To Fine” cover above.