Blink-182 is preparing for the release of their new album One More Time… arriving later this month. So far, they’ve shared “Edging” and “One More Time,” and now they’re back with the new single and video “Dance With Me.”

In the video, they’re dressed up as The Ramones. It kicks off with a mock interview, in which Mark Hoppus gives his definition of punk: “Punk is doing what you think is right on your own terms and not answering to anybody else and not letting people tell you how you should live your life.” They don’t hesitate to rock out; the clamorous song is as fun as it is loud, and the lyrics are as chaotic as the sound: “I’ve been waiting around to lose / So dumb, trying to make believe / You’re mine, what are you gonna do / Come here, do you want to come dance with me?”

One More Time… is highly anticipated, considering it has Tom DeLonge for the first time since he left the band in 2015. Upon his return, he posted on Instagram, “What if I was to tell you we just made the best album of our career.”

Watch the video for “Dance With Me” above.

One More Time… is out 10/20 via Columbia. Find more information here.