Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff is well-connected in the world of music. From Taylor Swift to Troye Sivan, Antonoff built a school of industry knowledge. However, the educational advantage isn’t exactly the inspiration behind the band’s latest single, “Alma Mater.” Instead, the haunting track is about losing out on the institution of binding love.

“She’s my alma mater / Chasing lines all night / Smoking me outta sight / Well, summer’s getting hotter / Threw her t-shirt down the pike / Screaming, ‘F*ck Balenciaga’ / Right past the Wawa / Threw on ‘Heartattack and Vine’ / As she alligator cries / 2003, sad all the time,” sings Antonoff.

Yesterday (December 22), during Bleachers’ appearances on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the group treated the in-studio audience to a performance of the record featuring Lana Del Rey, slated to appear on their upcoming album. In the thick of the track, each member is lost in their instrumental or vocal contributions, drawing the viewers into the sobering story.

As Bleachers gear up to hit their From The Studio To The Stage Tour next year, this set was a preview of what the group will deliver across the 23-date run around the globe.

Watch Bleachers’ full performance of their new single “Alma Mater” above.