Billie Eilish and Peter Gabriel and a host of musicians have appeared in a new video by a new music coalition to tackle gun violence.

Artist For Action To Prevent Gun Violence, which also features Sheryl Crow and Nile Rodgers, describes itself as a “non-political” organisation which asks Americans to volunteer and vote to eradicate gun violence in the country. The artists pledged themselves to the cause earlier this month.

“As much as I love the United States, I am always appalled at the ease with which anyone can get a weapon,” Gabriel says in the video.


The organisation is led by musician Mark Barden, whose son was one of the 26 people murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

Barden also appears in the video and says: “Our mission, at Artists For Action is to build a coalition of musicians, artists, athletes, influencers of all kinds, to come together for the common cause of preventing gun violence.”

Various other artists who are part of the coalition are then shown pledging themselves to the cause.

Check it out below:

The coalition will be putting on a concert in December to celebrate the release of the film that directly led to its creation, A Father’s Promise, as well as one next summer at Central Park SummerStage around Gun Violence Awareness Month.


Elsewhere, Eilish recently brought her ‘Overheated’ climate change conference back to London for a day of panels and discussions.

This was the second time Eilish and her collaborators have hosted Overheated in the capital, after the platform debuted during the singer’s run of shows at The O2 in June 2022 – a move that saw one of the world’s most popular indoor concert venues go vegan during the artist’s residency.