A few years and several hair colors ago, Billie Eilish was a guest on the hit YouTube show Hot Ones. Now, she has returned, not to the core show, but to the spin-off series Hot Ones Versus alongside her brother and musical partner Finneas.

The basic premise of Hot Ones Versus is that it’s competitive, two-person Hot Ones, with contestants either answering challenging questions or eating spicy wings. At one point, Finneas found himself needing to get Eilish to smile, and he succeeded with an expert compliment/roast.

Towards the end of the video, Eilish and Finneas faced off in a compliment challenge. The two were tasked with going back and forth praising each other, and the first sibling to smile lost. The compliments were pretty pedestrian at first: Eilish told Finneas he’s the most talented person she knows, Finneas called Eilish a fast driver, and Eilish called Finneas the smartest person she knows.

Then, Finneas pulled out the contest-ending half-compliment, which got a big laugh out of Eilish and a number of people out of frame: “You look good in the dumbest f*cking clothing.”

Meanwhile, Eilish’s sauce-altered state almost had her spilling some major tea: After the episode ended, Eilish told the room, “I’m feeling the need to, like, tell you all the people I’ve ever hooked up with, for some reason.”

Check out the full video above.

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