For a few days now, Fortnite Festival has been teasing a new season, its third. The green color of the promotional graphics had some thinking that Billie Eilish would be the headliner. Well, if you also made the prediction, you were correct.

Eilish herself confirmed today (April 22) that she will be playing the Fortnite Festival Main Stage, and soon: April 23, 2024.

As for what else will be going on in Fortnite Festival when the Eilish campaign begins, we don’t know for certain yet. But, we can look at past collaborations, like the recent one with Lady Gaga, for an indication.

Presumably, any Eilish-themed rewards will only be available via the Premium Track and not the Free Track. The Premium Track for the Gaga run included rewards like Chromatica Guitar, The Gaga Collection Loading Screen, Chromatica Keytar, “Poker Face” Jam Track by Lady Gaga, Enigmatic Gaga Outfit (aka “skin”). So, expect items of this ilk to be available starting tomorrow. As seen in Eilish’s post, the new Eilish skin hearkens back to her 2019 era, when her look was more green than it has been in recent years.

For further updates, keep an eye on Fortnite socials and the Fortnite game itself.

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