More than ever, it is easier for fans of a celebrity to feel like they’re friends with that person. If the famed figure is active on social media, they can regularly share glimpses of what their daily lives are like, helping fans to feel close to them. Well, Billie Eilish made upwards of 100 million people feel really close to her on Instagram today (April 4).

For those unfamiliar with how Instagram Story posts work: Users can post an image or video to their Story, and anybody who would ordinarily have access to it would be able to see it. There’s also a “close friends” feature, where users can add other users to a list, and people on that list will be able to see Stories that are set to only be viewable by the limited accounts on that special list.

Well, Eilish shared a Story with her “close friends” today, but it appears all of Eilish’s 110 million followers were automatically added to the list: I was not following Eilish on Instagram (sorry, Billie!) and was unable to see the “close friends” Story, but after I followed her today, I immediately had access to it.

Not long after Eilish shared the post (a simple lo-fi photo of her hand in front of what looks like a night sky), she started trending on X (formerly Twitter). The post were mainly jokes about how joyous or triumphant it feels to be one of Eilish’s “close friends.” Check out some reactions below.

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