Eilish’s latest back tattoo, which the singer proudly showcased in a post on Instagram, have set the rumor mill ablaze. What about? The possibility that she’s no longer on the dating market. According to The Sun, Eilish allegedly has a new leading man. However, after getting wind of the rumor, Eilish rushed to her Instagram Stories to deny the claim.

The publication believes celebrity tattoo artist David Enth (who has inked pieces for Lana Del Rey and The 1975’s Matty Healy) and Eilish are an item. That couldn’t be anything further from the truth, said Eilish. In the screenshot captured Friday, October 20, by Life & Style Magazine, Eilish wrote, “I’m so dead. [I] literally couldn’t be more single right now, LMFAO. What the hell is all [of] this.”

Enth hasn’t addressed the rumors

Eilish and Jesse Rutherford reportedly called it quits in May but decided to remain good friends — until Rutherford released his song “POV.” Fans of Eilish called out her ex for allegedly taking subtle jabs about her, including the lyric, “She been listening to me since 2013 / I know she’s got daddy issues, welcome to the family.”

For those looking to shoot their shot with Eilish, it appears that you may still have a chance with her.

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