For a while there, we were all spoiled by Bfb Da Packman. During the early months of the pandemic, the Flint, Michigan rapper was publishing new music to YouTube faster than most listeners could keep up, achieving cult stardom by pairing outrageous, darkly hilarious bars with similarly boisterous Michigan beats. Now he’s part of the major-label system, and that output isn’t so prolific anymore.

Today, though, we do get a new track called “Trick,” his first official single since last year’s debut album. It’s produced by Atl Jacob and finds Bfb proclaiming, “Baby, I’m a trick,” in between sing-songy sections (“Big dick, knock her out like NyQuil”) and gruff, charismatic-yet-misanthropic bars (“Every time we link up, you got on the same leggings”). I kinda miss when he was just out there rapping his ass off, but I can imagine this connecting at radio. Listen below.