2020, amirite? Like the rest of the world, I’m so excited that the new year is here. Most years, I’ve always made resolutions to try and better myself in some way. But this year, I’m determined to just be happier and more relaxed – as simple as that.

Being the happiest version of myself is more important than setting some lofty workout goal, so I’ve been looking into ways to relax my mind more. I’ve tried meditation in the past but always found it hard to switch my mind off. Going for a long walk always helps me feel grounded, but that can prove a little tricky during winter.

I was talking to my best friend Anna about wanting to find my zen, and she recommended
Medterra CBD.

I’ve seen CBD all over the internet, but always figured it was another fleeting trend. But Anna told me Medterra had helped her feel more relaxed overall, and even helped her sleep routine, too.

Anna isn’t one to recommend a product lightly, so I caved and checked out their website. I was actually pretty surprised to learn a few things…

Medterra sources only the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD from organic hemp plants that are GMO-free. All of their products are free of THC isolates (that’s the component of the hemp plant that can make you feel out if it)

Great range of products- Medterra has everything from gummies to creams, oils, and capsules, all designed to help with health woes like sleep, pain, and immunity

Their website is super informative and approachable. They have a quiz that can help you find the perfect solution, and each product page has everything you need to know

Medterra offers some of the highest concentrated products on the market at the best prices. The go-to Keep Calm, Stay Alert and Sleep Tight Gummies which contain 25mg of CBD is only $39.99

Convenient! Medterra ships everything to your door, plus they have a great subscription option that will save you $10 on every order and unlocks free shipping

I was so on the fence about trying CBD, but after seeing all of the amazing reviews on
Medterra’s site, I ordered their Stay Alert Gummies and 1000mg Broad Spectrum Tincture in citrus.

I can’t really explain the feeling, but when I take them, I just feel more relaxed overall. The

gummies help me stay focused at work, and the oil has done wonders for my evening routine.

I’m so glad I found Medterra- their products have made me feel better than I have in a long time. So do yourself a favor and make feeling your best a priority in 2021.

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