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Ayri has swiftly enamored her fanbase with her latest, “Shake.” The melodic cadence and alluring subtleties of the song have swiftly captured the affections of many. The singer elucidates that her latest creation was born from a desire to concoct a mesmerizing “elixir of love” that seamlessly fuses dance, ardor, and exuberance. She affirms that her aim was to fashion a musical voyage that elevates the spirits of listeners, coaxing them to relinquish any negative sentiments while surrendering to the rhythm and revelry.

While love and passion serve as the foundation of the song, Ayri was determined to infuse it with a lighthearted and uplifting essence. She firmly believes that her music should be a source of delight, leaving behind a resounding and optimistic imprint. Expressing her perspective, she states that music holds an incredible sway, and through crafting buoyant, blissful, and fervent tracks, her intention is to give the audience a gleeful and enduring memory.

Collaborating with the esteemed multi-platinum producer Val Coleman on the creation of “Shake” proved to be a remarkable journey for Ayri. She unveils that the synergy they naturally cultivate in the studio is founded upon trust and camaraderie, enabling them to collaborate as professionals. Their mutual comprehension of music sets them apart as an exceptional and efficient duo.

Ayri’s paramount aspiration lies in spreading positivity through her musical endeavors. She firmly believes in the transformative power of music, capable of healing both the body and mind, thus serving as a potent instrument for overall well-being. With her extraordinary talent, the singer yearns for her audience to experience a sense of empowerment when they immerse themselves in the captivating melodies of “Shake.”

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