To celebrate their latest album ‘Life Is But A Dream…’, Avenged Sevenfold has launched limited-edition custom PS5 and Xbox controllers in collaboration with SCUF Gaming.

The controllers are purchasable as part of two bundles. The bundle contains an exclusive signed Avenged Sevenfold 7” vinyl record, a certificate of authenticity and either the a SCUF Instinct Pro or SCUF Reflex FPS controller.

Both bundles are the same – the only difference is the type of controller and all products are “clad in the band’s iconic sepia toned ink-sketch Wes Lang painted album artwork”.

Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Life Is But A Dream…’ PS5 controller Credit: SCUF Gaming
Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Life Is But A Dream…’ Xbox controller Credit: SCUF Gaming

“Gaming has been an important part of my life ever since my earliest memories. I wanted to partner with SCUF specifically because when you need to do a drop shot or move your hand off the controller, you’re at a disadvantage if you are not using a SCUF controller,” said lead singer M. Shadows in a press release.

“It was just essential to us if we were going to compete at the highest level. Thank you CORSAIR, SCUF, Elgato, and ORIGIN for the amazing setup you did in my gaming room, and I can’t wait to put it to use.

“Stoked that our fans will get to have their very own SCUF controller featuring the ‘LIBAD’ x Wes Lang artwork.”

Earlier this year, M. Shadows admitted that the deepfake AI “hack” that announced that the band’s intended to cancel its festival appearances was his idea.


Despite denying any knowledge about it, his plan was to ensure that the deepfake appeared as “authentic as possible” to “make an overarching comment on society and where it’s going”.

In other gaming news, a secret Chase & Status gig will be held in London on November 9, with Call Of Duty fans competing for tickets through the completion of confidential missions.