It has been reported that the UK may be in for the wettest summer in 100 years.

According to a briefing revealed by LBC from the Met Office to the government, it has estimated that there is a possibility for there to be roughly 50 “wet days” over the next three months.

In the summer of 2023, there were 40 days of rain. 1912 holds the record for the most rainy days with 55 checked off.

According to Timeout UK, a “wet day” has been described as a “one where 2.5mm of rain falls.” The Met Office also shared that the long-range forecast explained: “The chances of a wetter-than-average period are higher than a drier-than-average one.”


They added: “Rainfall at this time of year has a greater risk of localised heavy downpours and thunderstorms,” meaning that the rainfall will often be concentrated within a smaller area.

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According to Met office data, the UK has had a very wet year so far with the month of  February being its wettest since 1836 and Winter 2023/24 was the UK’s eighth wettest on record.


Though the summer in the UK is allegedly en route to be the wettest summer in 100 years, the Met Office did confirm that reports of a drenched summer are just estimations.

“It’s not possible to forecast a specific number of days of rain in the UK for a whole season,” the forecasters explained to The i . “Signals show the chances of a wet or dry summer are fairly balanced.”