Late last year, Arca released the final four albums of her five-album KICK series in one whirlwind week. Today, she’s announced that those — along with 2020’s KiCk i — will be packaged together in a box set that comes out in May. To celebrate that announcement, she’s officially releasing “Cayó,” a track that she first debuted in a Twitch stream a few years ago and has been circulating online as a fan favorite rarity since then.

The track features production by Tim Hecker and comes with a music video directed by Albert Moya. “It’s about exploring self states, non-binary modes of relating of that which is ‘other’, creating new intersectional ways of mediating identity through exploring sensuality and heightened communion with the sensual embodiment of self,” Arca said in a statement.

Check it out below.

The KICK boxset is out 5/20 via XL Recordings. Pre-order it here.