Back in January, the fast-rising Connecticut emo band Anxious released their full-length debut Little Green House. The members of Anxious came from the hardcore underground, and they still play a lot of hardcore shows, but their music is bright and sweet and energetic. At times, it pushes into power-pop or pop-punk, or at least into the parts of emo that sound most like power-pop and pop-punk. Today, Anxious have followed their LP with a new single that leans even harder into their melodic side.

Anxious are getting ready to hit the road with Oso Oso, who just released their own new single “De Facto.” Anxious recorded their new single “Sunsign” with Oso Oso/Taking Back Sunday collaborator Mike Sapone. The song is built on an acoustic riff and a whole lot of melodies stacked on top of each other. The song manages to be propulsive and bittersweet at the same time, and it’s definitely the biggest-sounding, most majestic thing that Anxious have made yet. Check it out below.

“Sunsign” is out now on Run For Cover Records.