Corey Taylor‘s wife, Alicia Taylor, has shared with fans her favorite Slipknot albums.

So what does Alicia Taylor think? In a tweet responding to a fan’s question about her favorite Slipknot album, Taylor explained, “I’m a self-titled girl.”

But Alicia’s commentary didn’t end there, with the Cherry Bombs member serving up some runners-up. “Iowa is obviously a banger,” she added, before concluding, “And WANYK (We Are Not Your Kind) gets an honorable nod.”

What Did Corey Taylor Think?

Before we dig in, we should note that a lot of time has passed since Corey Taylor ranked Slipknot’s discography for Noisey back in 2015. In fact, one of Alicia Taylor’s favorite Slipknot albums, We Are Not Your Kind, hadn’t been made yet. But the Slipknot frontman offered a baseline on how he felt about some of their classic albums.

Much like his wife, Taylor also selected the band’s 1999 self-titled debut as his top pick. Reflecting on that period, the singer relayed a story of the band’s commitment to their vision while struggling just to make ends meet.

The singer recalled producer Ross Robinson, percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan and drummer Joey Jordison breaking into a studio where their master tapes were being held because they didn’t like the mixes they were getting on the music. “People didn’t understand what this noise was. So we ended up mixing it ourselves, man,” recalled Taylor.

“It all started from the first album and all the crazy shit. Living off 20 bucks a week, having to hide your ramen because your asshole bandmates were trying to steal it. Having to come up with 30 ways to make ramen so you don’t lose your mind, that’s how we lived. It was so insane, but it was so awesome because we were in it. All the talk, dreaming was over. It was time to do the work. And we did, the rest is fucking history man.”

For the record, Taylor ranked Iowa third, with .5: The Gray Chapter actually coming in second in his rankings at the time. The period in which the list was given by Taylor also coincided with promotion of the .5: The Gray Chapter album.

Slipknot Self-Titled in 2024

It’s a big year for Slipknot, who are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut album, bringing back some of the old-school red jumpsuits as well. The band is also scheduling a special hometown show where it all began, staging Knotfest Iowa in Des Moines on Sept. 21. The day-long festival at Waterworks Park is also serving as the official 25th anniversary celebration for the group.

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The group also recently announced multiple North American tour legs for this year. Ticketing info is available through the band’s website.

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