Los Angeles-via-NYC-via-Bengbu, China artist Alice Longyu Gao worked with 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady on her 2019 tracks “Rich Bitch Juice” and “Dumb Bitch Juice.” And today, following her recent single “She Abunai,” a collaboration with British producer Mura Masa and German-Canadian singer Bülow, she’s back with a new track featuring Alice Glass. “Legend,” co-written by Longyu Gao’s close friend Rei Ami, wasn’t produced by Brady, but it’s still very reminiscent of 100 gecs in its confrontational hyperpop energy.

“I saw Alice Glass added my song to her Spotify profile playlist. As a longtime fan of hers, I couldn’t believe my little songs got my icon’s attention,” Longyu Gao says. “I thought a rad Alice x Alice song would be unstoppable. So I immediately reached out and sent 3 ideas I made for a potential collaboration with her. I highlighted LEGEND – ALG Mix’s demo specifically because I just knew this one was the one. Alice Glass and Jupiter Keyes worked with me remotely and they made the final LEGEND come together as an incredible and empowering song. I want this song to equip underrated girls with confidence. We are the source of creativity, love and justice. Never seek validation from people who are insecure in themselves. They are never going to show love and they are going to do you wrong. Stay queen and avoid the toxicity.”

“I’m so happy to be a part of this track,” Glass adds in a statement. “I love Alice Longyu Gao’s voice and style and don’t think I could ever get sick of listening to her. ‘Legend’ is exactly the kind of energy I want from the music I make and the music I listen to. We women have to stand up, speak out and stick together. To let each other know we got this and that if anyone comes creepy or with the wrong energy we’ll squash em in the grapes. And have fun doing it.”

Listen below.